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forest town

johannesburg, gauteng


This 140m² house, originally done by Jo Noero in the early 1990's is located in Forest town across the Johannesburg Zoo. The house was in a dilapidated state and required a complete restoration/renovation. With its L-shape layout that opens to the property and the view beyond, the spaces were seamlessly integrated with the outdoors.

The house embodies great architectural richness in its composition of spaces where passages have lower ceiling heights and living spaces have greater heights. The house also has a particular articulation of the division between the building’s base, middle and top. The house also incorporates elements of traditional local farm house building as the extension of the building apron extends beyond the threshold that lies between the house and the garden.


Although the house is 140m², it still allows the family to use every square inch of space without feeling enclosed as it is so well integrated with the landscape. This house not only has a poetical relationship between old and new in the architecture of the building, but with the furniture and artwork that has been carefully orchestrated in the spaces as well.

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