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ha-mashamba science centre

ha-mashamba, limpopo

in progress

The Ha-Mashamba science centre is currently being developed in order to serve the neighbouring school and surrounding community in a rural area lacking in such facilities.  The hope is that the centre will emulate an “interactive park” whereby architectural elements lend themselves to learning as visual representations of scientific principles.
For example, the columns are shaped to represent the stress that a normal column would undergo, and similarly with the undersides of the slabs which illustrate the bending moments within the slabs. 

The ground floor structure is kept to a minimum in order to serve as flexible exhibition /workshop space, whilst the first floor is comprised of classrooms, science labs and office space. Supporting facilities include a cafeteria, an auditorium, and public space.

The building edge is specifically designed to act as a transitional threshold between the street and the public ground floor level which is done through a series of soft steps and levels to manipulate the steep slope of the site.  

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