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house escondido

johannesburg, gauteng


Escondido 7
Escondido 8
Escondido 4
Escondido 2
Escondido 10

Renovated home in Morningside Johannesubrg.

Gass were asked to create a more liveable space with distinct public and private zones. The house was divided into a bedroom zone in the west wing, while the eastern wing of the house was opened up to create a large living, eating, lounging and entertaining space.  The original roof over the libing area was removed and replaced with a monopitch roof with large windows allowing light to flood into the space.Large sliding doors open the dining room and lounge completely to the pool area allowing direct access between the lounge and the outside. The original patio was demolished to allow more light into the living room and a new patio space was introduced to the side of the open plan living area. The architects made use of a white cemcrete floor and a combination of wood and steel for the roof structure.

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