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house spangenberg

johannesburg, gauteng


Renovated home in Victory Park Johannesburg.

Situated on the Braamfontein spruit at the edge of Delta Park in Johannesburg, the existing house longed for a complete renovation. The design intent was to open up the house to its surroundings and create an open plan living space for the family of six.

The existing kitchen had very limited light and had no connection to the living areas of the house. Internal walls on ground floor were demolished to open up the living, dining and kitchen areas whilst existing openings in the external walls wer enlarged to better the relationship with the garden where large sliding doors now open up the space completely. 

These doors along with a new skylight, positioned over the staircase, allows natural light to flood the living areas where originally the spaces were dark and unfriendly. 

Two new bathrooms were added to the south of the house on first floor while the existing bedrooms were enlarged. Larger openings in bedrooms and a corner sliding door was introduced to the main bedroom framing the vistas of the Braamfontein Spruit.
The architecture with its clean lines and muted natural palettes is an expression of the owners lifestyle that is further articulated in their furniture, art and collectibles.

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