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jeppe house

johannesburg, gauteng


Jeppe 3
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Jeppe 2
Jeppe 1

The original building, known as Medical City was originally designed by Helmut Stauch, along with the building on the opposite side of Eloff street at the Bree street intersection.

The two buildings were designed in a similar style:  podiums with pavement shops and parking above surrounded by identical brass anodised sunscreens to the lower levels and high-rise towers above.

The brief for this project was to convert the existing empty and derelict office building into a new multi-storey school/college from level 3-13.  The lower levels were converted into shops as part of an earlier conversion and would remain as is.

The top two levels were converted into a boarding house for the college. The building’s new yellow facade gives a welcome brightness and splash of colour to the heart of Jo’burg.

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