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modular steel house

great kei, east london

in progress

The modular steel home is designed with a remote site in mind. We took what we learned from the award winning Westcliffe Pavilion and adapted the design so that it can be pre-assembled and transported to the site. The building is split into compartments dictated by the max load size of a truck. These compartments are constructed in a warehouse and trucked to the site where they are reassembled. 

This building methodology is particularly useful in locations where skilled tradesmen are hard to find and where there is a need to limit the on-site construction time. The modular approach allows for a phased approach or an incremental grow as the programmatic needs of the building evolves. This design is a reaction to the trend of turning containers into homes. We have used the benefits of the modular and transportable container but re-imagined in a way that suits a contemporary lifestyle.

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