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waterberg, pretoria


Palameetse 1
Palameetse 2
Palameetse 4
Palameetse 5
Palameetse 3

Palameetse is an eco estate located in the Waterberg north of Pretoria. The design brief was to create sophisticated, contemporary housing that could be largely prefabricated. Also, because of the ecological sensitivity of the site, the design decision was made that these structures would not impose themselves on the existing ecology, but would rather “touch the earth lightly.”

The structures are simple, box volumes which live inside / outside. This is accomplished with large, glass doors that open up the facades to the outside. The materials are equally simple, using a rough, unpainted stipple plaster, glass, timber, and steel. The architecture does not interrupt the natural surroundings, but rather assimilates into the context.

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