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house de kock

johannesburg, gauteng 


This private residence consisted of alterations and additions to an existing house. What made this renovation unique was that walls of the existing house were declared structurally unusable. This meant that these walls could take no load at all, and no structure could be built on top of these walls. This proved to be a design generator, in that the whole second story was built as a separate steel structure isolated from the existing walls.

From a programmatic sense, the public spaces are located on the ground floor, while the private spaces were located on the 1st floor. The main feature of the ground floor is the large, double volume living space connected to the kitchen. This living space links to the open plan TV room / office. An open fireplace positioned between these three spaces serves to unify and demarcate them simultaneously.

Aesthetically, this house is contemporary – with clean lines and refined surfaces. Painted steel, glass, aluminium, and smooth and terroline plaster finishes, and face brick comprise the exterior expression. The interior continues this prevailing contemporary aesthetic, introducing glossy epoxy floors and glossy lacquered kitchen and casework finishes.

Project Gallery

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