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house G

carlswald north lifestyle estate, midrand


House G is a new residence located in Carlswald North Lifestyle Estate. One of the major design obstacles of this house was that the site is adjacent to a storm water system. The solution was to integrate this open system into the design by making it part of the approach to the house.

Some other design aspects include the positioning of the house on the edge of the property in order to utilise the most of the remaining as a garden. Aesthetically speaking, the finishing of the house became a play of textures and colours. For example, smooth, red face brick was used for the garage, a stipple plaster for the screen wall, bagged plaster for the main structure, and smooth plaster for the balcony.

In addition to purely aesthetic interventions, the manipulation of natural light becomes important. For example, the steel roof structure allows sun screening on the northern facade. On the southern aspect, a clerestory glazed window allows natural light into the first floor passage.

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