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house smith

olifantsfontein, Pretoria


This renovation, of an existing residence, required GASS to relook at the entirety of the façade & internal layouts. The main aim was to rid the existing home of all unnecessary design motifs on the façade, & to create larger & more free flowing internal spaces for the family of four.


GASS redesigned the residence with a timeless façade, consisting of brick tile cladding, in feature areas, a new off shutter entrance portico structure & entirely new glazing throughout to frame the views onto the estate’s open parklands. The interior renovations included the demolition of most internal walls on both stories, in an effort to create a larger open plan kitchen & dining room, with larger living areas & an entertainment area, with an enclosed wine cellar on the ground floor. The first floor aimed to reclaim much unused balcony space to create larger bedrooms for the family’s teenage children. The main bedroom was made larger by reclaiming more unused balcony space facing the street to create a large wardrobe for the couple.

Project Gallery

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