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johannesburg, gauteng


Saxonwold is a new multi-residential development proposal, located in the heart of the tree rich suburb of Saxonwold. It comprises 10 high-end units, located on newly subdivided erven.

The design language uses exposed face brick on the ground floor & textured plastered walls on the first floor, in an effort to speak more to the historical context of Saxonwold & is sensitive to the materiality & the scale of the surrounds. The units are long & thin, maximising light at either end & creating a focus on the external green space. The design intends to blur the threshold between inside & outside space, creating a seamless transition between the two. This is achieved through large, glazed doors, which open the façade to the outside garden & patio. Large openings have been used throughout to maximise natural light.

The Saxonwold Development looks to create units for high-end living for all.

Project Gallery

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