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DRC TVET campus

Democaratic Republic of the Congo


The campus design proposal takes its form, on an urban scale, from the principles of a city. The central “CBD” of the campus is located at the intersection of 2 axes and takes the form of a public square where a multitude of

activities are able to take place. The supporting buildings are then positioned around the central square and take their forms from courtyard buildings so as to create their own central gathering spaces.

The routes and thresholds between each of the supporting buildings are interspersed with a variety of dense indigenous planting, which brings forth the notion of integrating the campus into the lush natural landscape

of the DRC.

As a whole, the design of the campus is intended as a modular or easily scalable “core campus” that may be

incorporated across various locations in the urban fabric of the DRC or even as a stand alone campus within a

remote setting.

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