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kempton place

johannesburg, gauteng


Kempton Place is a large-scale project consisting of 469 residential dwelling units & 6500m² of retail space. The project, though, is not a typical development where all the existing buildings are razed in order to give the architect a tabula rasa. Rather, Kempton Place is an alteration and conversion of an existing mall complex – the Kempton City Mall.

The new Kempton Place development is not a conventional, drab apartment block of yesteryear. Instead, it transforms Kempton City Mall into a sustainable community – one that acts as a micro-neighbourhood within the framework of the larger town itself. The new buildings include many design features that enhance the tenant’s lifestyles and create a liveable community. For example, courtyards and garden sky-courts (community spaces on each level) have been included in the design. There are also planted, internal court-yard spaces that can be used by the residents for informal meet and greets, organized sports, and social events.

In addition to apartments surrounding internal community spaces, the newly renovated Kempton Place has street-front shops on the ground level, which are accessible to both the residents of Kempton Place and as well as citizens of the town at large. Street front shops – as opposed to an enclosed mall systems – allow residents and non-residents alike to mingle in a social, open-air environment. The streetscape is also be enhanced by various sculptures by Francois Visser.

Project Gallery

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