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newtown junction mall

Newtown, Johannesburg. Completed 2022

The aesthetic renovations of Newtown Junction Mall included a food court upgrade, painted promenade, Instagram moment & decals to the existing lift shaft. The renovations were inspired by local artisans in the area which is located in the heart of Newtown. The brief was to upgrade certain areas in order to breathe new life back into the mall & to attract shoppers from the bustling surrounds. This was done by approaching the renovations as a journey which aimed to draw in shoppers via the Instagram moment sculpture which is visible from the street. The Instagram Moment is somewhat a mix between a functional seating sculpture & an optical illusion, which, when viewed from a certain angle, becomes the Newtown Junction Mall logo. This sculpture, then leads directly onto a new painted promenade also inspired by the logo of the mall. The promenade then takes the shopper on a journey that arrives at the renovated food court with suspended planters & string lights which aim to create a lively al fresco informal dining experience with plenty of light flooding the space through the replacing of selected overhead sheet metal panels with polycarbonate skylights.

Project Gallery

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