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the park_elardus park

pretoria, gauteng

completed 2020

GASS Architecture Studios were approached to devise a proposal investigating the existing retail shopping centre. Although the shopping centre is well used, the aesthetic and spatial attributes are not yet reaching the centre's potential. The existing circulation spaces and open areas required design intervention to arrive at a pedestrian-centric experience.

The concept therefore is to open the shopfronts up by raising the walkway canopies and allowing the retail spaces to have a better link with external spaces, thus extending the threshold between the user and the retailer under the new canopy.

A redesign of the parking area allows the introduction of courtyards in the centre, extending these thresholds even further. By allowing for breathing spaces within this shopping centre, a friendlier shopping experience is guaranteed. With the aim of also becoming a destination point rather than a bypass point, coffee shops, a bakery, a few restaurants among other are proposed to be situated around these courtyard spaces, thus creating a village with landscaped walkways and an experience that is user orientated.

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