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the pines

johannesburg, gauteng

completed 2020

This brief involved refurbishing of the 1500m² office floors, opening of the ground floor into a courtyard space and the addition of a small pavilion building (approx. 160sqm) which will act as a small cafe on the ground floor level.

The ideals of the feng shui philosophical system have been incorporated into the design through:

Strengthening of geometric forms – structure and rectangular proportions allow for highly functional relationships between interior spaces

More daylight is allowed into the interior space through the introduction of larger windows.

The central lobby of the building is kept as the circulation space, but a new staircase is introduced to allow more functional use of the space

Water and natural ventilation is introduced.

Furthermore, planted screens and planters have been introduced to soften the hard spaces and the building will receive a new tyrolean finish over the existing brick.

Project Gallery

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