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queen's place

pretoria, gauteng

in progress

Situated in the heart of Pretoria, next to Sammy Marks square and Lillian Ngoyi square and surrounded by Queen street to the west, Madiba street to the North, Lilian Ngoyi street to the East and Helen Joseph street to the south, this project is a renovation to an existing multi storey building.  The existing building used to house OK bazaar shops and currently holds a large supermarket with a number of smaller shops and a training facility in the existing “office tower”.
Although only 4 storeys high, the original corner building is considered to be one of Pretoria’s first sky scrapers and has some historical value.

The project will include renovations and alterations to the existing retail component and a large new residential development which will consist of approximately 450 new residential units. As part of the residential component, the existing office tower will be converted into residential units and a new multi-storey extension will be erected on the north of the site and on top of the existing building with a large landscaped podium level which will include play spaces, and seating for residents. The design further incorporates landscaped “sky courts” as part of passages allowing necessary breathing space and view-points from the passages. These open spaces also allow passages to be naturally ventilated.

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